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Jumah Mubarak! End of January 2016

In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficient

Jumah Mubarak, a blessed Friday to all my readers!



  • Faatih

Jumu’ah Mubarak

Today is Friday, or in Arabic “Yawm ul Jum’uah”. Yawm means day and Jumu’ah is the name of Friday in Arabic.

It means the day of “gathering”. The Arabic verb for gather, collect is “jama’a”.

I would like to wish all of my readers a happy and blessed Friday (Jumu’ah Mubarak) for themselves and their families.


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May Allah accept your du’as. Give you good health, resolve your problems, make you have happy relationships with your loved ones, increase you in Iman (faith) and rizq (sustenance) and forgive all of your sins.


– Faatih


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