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Larnaka mosque

A mosque in the island of Cyprus.


Mosque behind pink flowers

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You are your own obstacle.

Often we look at others, and blame others for our state, our failures, our sadness, but it is often we ourselves who are our own greatest enemies.

“Oh you, others you love to hate.

Without them you feel life would be so joyous and so great.

Yet your faults are far more than what they have done to you.

Opportunities are many and if you do not take them, that you will rue.

Let us forget about others, forget about ‘them’ and ‘they’.

Let us dwell on our own faults and for our own improvement, let us pray.”


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Unleash that energy, that power with you, that zest

Forget about the others, all the rest, be your best

Smile, be grateful, help others, for them care

Donate, be generous and with others share

The goodness you for your brothers and sisters in humanity

Will return to you in many ways, in multiplicity.

Even if they were wrong, be strong, for the day is long.

Look inward, deep within, for there is a greatness deep inside.

Turn to your lord, work hard and to Him pray and confide.

Look up high, at the sky, oh my.

You, wonderful you, be proud of you don’t be shy.

You can do it, you can achieve and excel.

Yourself through your hard work you can propel.

On negativitiy do not excessively dwell.

Your problems to your Lord pray and to him tell.

You are your own worst enemy, be your greatest critic.

Always progress, always others benefit, be dynamic.

Look with in you, inside, look deep.

I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow after your sleep.

I wish you the best, for you are truly a divine work of art.

Take care, be strong, but for now these are my words and I must depart.”

  • Faatih


When your heart is hurting…

Give me eyes that…

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Iftars in Washington.

Iftar party with US president Donald Trump.



Hurting the weak to feel powerful.

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