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You are your own obstacle.

Often we look at others, and blame others for our state, our failures, our sadness, but it is often we ourselves who are our own greatest enemies.

“Oh you, others you love to hate.

Without them you feel life would be so joyous and so great.

Yet your faults are far more than what they have done to you.

Opportunities are many and if you do not take them, that you will rue.

Let us forget about others, forget about ‘them’ and ‘they’.

Let us dwell on our own faults and for our own improvement, let us pray.”


Image result for tears eyes

Unleash that energy, that power with you, that zest

Forget about the others, all the rest, be your best

Smile, be grateful, help others, for them care

Donate, be generous and with others share

The goodness you for your brothers and sisters in humanity

Will return to you in many ways, in multiplicity.

Even if they were wrong, be strong, for the day is long.

Look inward, deep within, for there is a greatness deep inside.

Turn to your lord, work hard and to Him pray and confide.

Look up high, at the sky, oh my.

You, wonderful you, be proud of you don’t be shy.

You can do it, you can achieve and excel.

Yourself through your hard work you can propel.

On negativitiy do not excessively dwell.

Your problems to your Lord pray and to him tell.

You are your own worst enemy, be your greatest critic.

Always progress, always others benefit, be dynamic.

Look with in you, inside, look deep.

I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow after your sleep.

I wish you the best, for you are truly a divine work of art.

Take care, be strong, but for now these are my words and I must depart.”

  • Faatih



Durood upon the prophet 5

In the name of Allah the most beneficient, the most merciful

Today I have been thinking about the holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Today I have been thinking about how he used to be a shepherd when he was a young boy.

He used to tend towards the sheep and this required many qualities.


A shepherd has to be vigilant and be aware of any possible impending danger to his flock.

Defending the weak

This required protecting the sheep from stronger predatory animals which sought to devour them.

Care and compassion

Tending towards the sheep if they had pain or were pregnant or were about to deliver a baby lamb.

Endurance & Forebearance

The prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم would have had to have been patient, enduring the weather including the possibly at times hot Arabian sun beating down upon his noble face. The weather, the being secluded from other people and thus social interaction that is the isolation, the being away from food (as he would have no access to food besides that which he had brought himself) and many other factors cultivated his ability to be patient and endure. This becomes particularly relevant when we remember that for around 3 years of his adult life during his prophethood he and his followers were ostracized by his tribe, boycotted under a formal agreement amongst his tribe, the Quraish, that his clan would be ostracized.

Dealing with solitude

When one is alone, one often does not have to respond to the practical requests, orders or conversation of others. Naturally it often causes someone to think of things beyond the mundane and everyday, perhaps to engage in introspection, perhaps to contemplate. Later on in his life, the prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم would go on retreats including in a cave in the mountain of Hira in his search and struggle for the truth.


How wonderful it would have been to have been with the holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم during those times when he was alone tending to sheep.

How wonderful it would have been to have been able to speak to him, to engage in conversation with him.

How wonderful it would have been to have been able to help him with any need or request of his.

May Allah bless this noble and kind man.

Here are some pictures of people caring for their sheep.

images (1)











Oh Allah please send peace and prayers upon our noble prophet.


All praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds and the master of existence. Peace and prayers be upon our noble prophet and upon his noble family and companions and his ummah (Islamic nation) and his brothers, the Anbiya (the prophets) and upon their followers. Peace be upon them all and may Allah make us all love our holy prophet and make us others love him. The one who does not love the prophet is not part of the ultimate love, the greatest love, the love of the Creator of the universe for the best of the creation, the beloved of Allah, Muhammad ibn Abdullah.

Peace be upon our noble prophet, the kind, soft, warm-hearted man inclined to mercy and forgiveness, the one who did not look at people’s forms and appearances, the one for whom the internal character of a person was much more important.

Peace be upon him and let us make durood for him day and night, every hour of the day and make others too love him and send peace and prayers upon him.

Ameen, thumma Ameen.


  • Faatih

Tomorrow is Monday

As salamu ‘alaikum to all Muslim brothers and sisters, and a warm greeting to all non-Muslims.

Tomorrow is Monday.

In Islam the three most important days of the week are Monday, Thursday and Friday. Friday because it is the day of gathering, where the Muslim community converges upon their place of worship, the Masjid (mosque) to remember Allah. It is in that moment of togetherness that the feeling of oneness, the feeling of community is consolidated and strengthened just as much as family bonds are tightened with a visit to a distant relative.

Thursday is important because it is a day upon which it is recommended to fast i.e. to abstain from food, sex, water and other things during the daylight hours.


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Never forget Allah


Solving debt, Surah Tahreem and Hijr

“Money makes the world go round” is the famous English saying. Without money we are powerless. We cannot buy anything and thus we cannot survive or at the least we are dependent on handouts. Thus we have belittled ourselves by demeaning our dignity somewhat by being dependent on others and even possibly a burden. Sometimes we are forced to borrow and thus we fall in to debt. Debt is something painful and stressful and can even lead at times to the ultimate tragedy and worst case scenario, that of suicide (may Allah protect us all from that). There have been many who upon hearing news of their mortgages or bad news about their jobs which sustain these mortgages have committed suicide. Tragically they have been afflicted by a feeling of complete hopelessness, of despair, of being crushed and almost emotionally suffocated and strangled. There is no way out, they are then also infected simultaneously with self-pity, “Why? Why me? What about my children, this world is so unfair, this is so cruel”. This toxic and lethal cocktail of complete despair and self-pity then propels its victim over the abyss and in to committing the act of ending his or her very life.

However as Muslims we should strive never to be in debt, and to help those who are in debt. We should strive to help our neighbours and our community be they Muslim or non-Muslim. We have the book of Allah, which is the word of Allah. We cannot see Allah, we cannot meet Allah, and we cannot meet Allah himself but the nearest thing that we have to experiencing anything close to the divine essence of Allah is hearing his words, the Quran. Reciting it is a blessed act which brings the angels and from which emanates goodness, mercy and blessings.



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