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This should be my last blog of 2008, as tonight I will be going away.

All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon his final messenger, Muhammad and his family and his noble companions.

I would like to thank Allah for this year, for having let me seen this year. I thank him for having eaten well, slept well, for having gone on one or two trips abroad. I thank him that I have my health and so do my family too. I know that he is the most merciful, and the most kind and that his word is true. He, the most high, has said that if we thank him, he will give us more.

2008 has been an interesting year.

We have seen oil prices go up and up, and now recently we have seen them decrease dramatically.

We have seen the world’s most powerful country elect their first president, Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama for me has many Kennedyesque (to coin a term) qualities and whilst Jack Kennedy represents a story of unfufilled potential, perhaps Obama can be different in that he can serve his term in its entirety and preside over a period of change and improvement.

Whatever happens, the election of Obama is a monumental landmark in the history of the United States and the world generation, and there are some who would covet us for being witness to such an event.

We have seen a recession starting and continuing all over the world.

We have seen the continuing rise of China even manifested in their great success in this year’s Olympics.

We have seen the Russian bear once again reasserting its strength in its war with Georgia.

We have seen the Albanian eagle soar into the clouds and into the skies with joy as Kosova takes its rightful place in the family of nations after years of suffering.

We have seen bloodshed in the middle east, south asia and many other parts of the world.

We have seen jobs being lost, houses being repossessed and lives affected severely in Europe and America.

We have seen many things, but we hope that we will continue to see, to continue to hear, to breathe and to be on this earth. We thank Allah for once again having seen another year and that we may yet again see the year to come, and to improve ourselves and to use the very short amount of time alloted to us on this earth wisely and in a better way and for us to truly realize our potentials as his creatures.

Thank you for taking time out to read this, I wish you and your family and friends all the best for the next 12 months.

– Faatih.


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