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A while back I posted some information regarding learning Arabic in Qatar (See  This aroused great interest and curiousity from readers across the world and I recieved emails from brothers and sisters from across the world including the countries such as the USA, the UK, Gambia, South Africa, Turkey, France, India, Myanmar and so on. I also recieved a short inquiry from brother Amir Junaid, who in the past was a performer known as “Loon”, and is now an Islamic speaker delivering lectures through out the world.

Lecturer and speaker brother Amir Junaid Muhadith of the USA.

Someone who works as a producer for  “Islam Channel” also contacted me about the course in Qatar.

I was also contacted by someone working in the human resources department of a major Arab company in Qatar.

I would like to make it clear that as of now the offer for free tuition in Qatar University is not available. For those who are still interested in Qatar University’s Arabic programme, please read this site:

There is a huge demand for Arabic from many people across the world and in future articles I will give advice on how to acquire this language which is not only the language of the Islamic religion and of ancient Arabic and Islamic civilization but also an increasingly more and more important language in the business world. However for those who would have liked to have done Arabic tuition in Qatar but are not able to, there is an organization which has experienced native-Arab teachers from across the world who can teach you online.

The organization is

The founder studied Arabic in Damascus, the capital of Syria and the former capital of the Umayyad Empire and now works and teaches in London. The first class is free and then potential students can then decide if the Arabic tuition is suitable for them. There are also courses organized through Arabic Online, in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

To find out more details please read, or contact me by email.

Thank you.

– Faatih


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