Tomorrow is Monday

As salamu ‘alaikum to all Muslim brothers and sisters, and a warm greeting to all non-Muslims.

Tomorrow is Monday.

In Islam the three most important days of the week are Monday, Thursday and Friday. Friday because it is the day of gathering, where the Muslim community converges upon their place of worship, the Masjid (mosque) to remember Allah. It is in that moment of togetherness that the feeling of oneness, the feeling of community is consolidated and strengthened just as much as family bonds are tightened with a visit to a distant relative.

Thursday is important because it is a day upon which it is recommended to fast i.e. to abstain from food, sex, water and other things during the daylight hours.


Monday is the same as Thursday in all these respects, with Monday night being very important as it is Mondays and Thursdays when our deeds are raised to the heavens and seen by our creator, Allah the most high. The only difference is Thursday night is Islamically the beginning of Friday so has great virtues and blessings because of that.

“Blessings”, Barakah


Blessings i.e. “Barakah” in Arabic, means that your du’as (supplications/prayers) to Allah have greater chance of being accepted and perhaps quicker. Sins prevent or weaken our prayers being accepted whilst good deeds strengthen them. The pious are acutely aware of that and thus seek to gain blessings in different ways through the performance of many different good deeds, some of which are increased in power if they are carried out in a certain place or location. For example praying in the mosque contains more blessings than at home, and praying in the last third of the night or at Fajr time (dawn) has more blessings than other times.


So may Allah help all those who are fasting tomorrow, accept their fasts and give them and their families goodness and blessings.

Ameen, thumma ameen and peace be upon his prophet.

  • Faatih

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  1. 1 Christ Centered Teaching January 17, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Do you know about the Barbary Wars and the battle of Tours?

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