Remember your creator.

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True happiness can never be attained by seeking the fulfillment of all of your sensual desires or stimulating the five senses. True happiness is only ever spiritual and emotional. After a certain age, a young adult has experienced all the material pleasures of life that the world (the dunya) has to offer them and has hit a metaphorical ceiling or dead end. For many, in the absence of true knowledge of the nature of life and the world, they are confused. Acutely aware that there is a void, something missing, but not quite sure what it is.

The answer is the remembrance of the one for whom you owe your very existence to. The one whom if He had decided not to give you existence, not to allow you to be conceived, to be born and to live beyond a very young age you would not be here today. Remember your lord, the merciful and compassionate one who overlooks your (and my) many sins and your complete lack of remembrance of him.




Depression is endemic now in the industrialized world. Partly symptomatic of an increasingly more materialistic, superficial and busier life, where people have more cold hard electronic gadgets but less real warm soft emotional bonds and friendship.

Happiness lies in remembering your creator, thanking him, worshipping him and also in helping the creation, those who are less fortunate than you, those who are suffering or in pain. Worship Allah and help others.


– Faatih


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