Prayer is not a spare wheel.

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Prayer is not a spare wheel which we pull out when we are in trouble.


Allah ta’ala (the most high) has told us that many turn towards him in times of great distress or emergency, as a last resort. When however their needs have been met after turning towards the creator for divine help they then forget about him and to thank him and worship him.

“And when adversity touches man, he calls upon his Lord, turning to Him [alone]; then when He bestows on him a favor from Himself, he forgets Him whom he called upon before.”


Quran, Surah Zumar, verse 9.


Man is quick to blame Allah for misfortunes he suffers but very slow to thank Allah for the much more numerous bounties his lord has given him, all the many good things he has been given in life by Allah.

Unless we pray regularly we will suffer from afflictions. Prayer is not only a duty but also a type of medicine which wards of evil. Just as any doctor will tell you that just taking medicine in times of sickness is not enough, but trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and preventing sickness is what is required, so is the same case with life. Just praying in times of need and then forgetting about it is not sufficient.

In the long term to prevent calamities one needs to be very prolific in worship including the 5 daily obligatory prayers, the other prayers such as Tahajjud (prayer in the final third of the night), reading Quran regularly, making of du’a (supplication), durood (sending prayers upon the holy prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).


– Faatih



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2 Responses to “Prayer is not a spare wheel.”

  1. 2 faatih May 9, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Thank you randombytes. I am very grateful to all those who read my blog and especially those who comment. May Allah give you and your family goodness and blessings.

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