Smile it’s charity!




Islam has told us that to smile is a blessed act which earns the pleasure of the creator, Allah. In addition to earning us his divine pleasure it also has immense physical, emotional and social benefits.

1. Physical

– A smile releases endorphins.

– It makes you look more pleasant, attractive and approachable.

– It strengthens your immune system.

– Lowers your hear rate i.e. decreases anxiety.

– It exercises a huge amount of facial and other muscles helping you to look young.


2. Emotional & Social benefits

– As is the outward so too becomes the inward. The happier you portray yourself externally, the happier you find yourself becoming internally.

– People will respect you more and be more open to you rather than if you look depressed or aggressive.

– Smiling is contagious, the more you smile others around you will smile.


Copy of saying of prophet muhammad-smile






download (1)


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Oman, Muscat, close-up portrait of a cheerful boy in a turban smilingmuslim-children-smile (1)







– Faatih



* * *


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