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English teaching vacancies in Saudi Arabia.

Asalamu ‘alaikum,

There are some English teaching vacancies in Saudi Arabia for people in Britain or Ireland.


Applicants should have a degree, a CELTA and at least 4 years experience.

For non-native speakers they would need a degree in English, or applied linguistics or foreign languages.


The deadline for applying is the 17th January.





– Faatih


Please pray for Loon or Amir Junaid Muhadith

Bismillahir Rahman ar-Raheem

In the name of Allah the most compassionate, the most merciful.

All praise be to Allah ta’ala who has given us countless blessings in our life. Glory be to him and peace and prayers be upon his final messenger, the noble, truthful, righteous one Muhammad ibn Abdullah and upon his noble family and companions.


I was fortunate enough to go to Hajj a few months ago due to the mercy and kindness of Allah subahanahu ta’ala and visit the two holy cities of Islam. I ask Allah to forgive me for my sins, the sins of my family and anyone who reads this. I made lots of du’a whilst in Mecca and Medina, and one of these du’as was for a Muslim brother by the name of Amir Junaid Muhadith, also known by his previous artistic name of “Loon”.



Brother Amir once sent me a short email asking about an Arabic course in Qatar. As someone who has contacted me I have been taking a personal interest in what has happened to him.

Brother Amir when he was more commonly known as “Loon”.

Brother Amir as a Muslim. 

Brother Amir (Loon) was arrested in Belgium in November 2011 for offences in a foreign country i.e. the United States of America three to six years earlier. These alleged offences were done before conversion to Islam and are related to illegal substances. The Belgian regime detained Loon and said they would send him to the USA to be extradited.

1. They held him in captivity for at least months for charges which have yet to be proven.

2. He served a longer time in prison than some people who have been convicted of actual crimes.

3. He could  have been extradited to America earlier.

4. All of his assets were frozen. Thus he had no way to pay for legal costs to escape from a foreign country. Fortunately a team of Muslim brothers raised money and helped him to come back to the US after April 2012.

This is a clear example of mistreatment.

I realize this must be a very difficult time for brother Amir and his family. I would like to ask all readers here to make sincere du’a for the release of brother Amir (Loon) from prison in the US, where he is awaiting trial.  The Belgian authorities could have handled the situation much better.

Belgians burn the mock coffin of a paedophile killer, Marc Dutroux, whose murders and sexual crimes – in which senior politicians are said to have been involved in – shocked the nation with 0.3 million Belgians turning up to the streets of the Belgium capital, Brussels to protest.

Many Belgians lack faith in their legal and political system and believe it is corrupt, the picture above shows the Belgian paedophile rapist and murderer Marc Dutroux.

The United States embassy in Belgium and the United States State department have a duty and obligation to protect the rights of all American citizens abroad, and in particular those who are victims of unfair treatment from questionable governments or regimes.

belgium embassy

American embassy in Belgium.

Their webpage is:

Their contact email is:

 The address is:

Embassy of the United States of America

Regentlaan 27 Boulevard du Régent, B-1000 Brussels
Phone: (32-2) 811-4000    
Fax: (32-2) 811-4500

Or you can write a letter or email addressed to the American ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman.

To contact the American state department for them to urge action to be taken to protect the rights of this American citizen then the US state department webpage is:

You can also write an email or letter to the head of the US state department who is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton who so far has not spoken out against the imprisonment of a well known American citizen in a foreign country for months and months, waiting for extradition.

In addition you can go to this site: or contribute financially by paypal at:

That site is working with brother Amir’s family to help him in this extremely traumatic period in their lives.

You can send donations or even messages of support to Brother Amir (Loon) and his family to this address in the United States.

Nona Crowd
P.O.Box 1167 
Hackensack NJ, 


You can write to him to help him in this difficult time at:

Chauncey Lamont Hawkins #146544

New Hanover County Detention Center 3950

Juvenile Center Dr, 

Castle Hayne, NC 28429


His trial in the US has unfortunately now been extended even further and will now be dragged on to April.

However, please, please pray for brother Amir and make regular du’a.

Du’a for the release of brother Amir Junaid (Loon).

In the name of Allah the most compassionate the most merciful, peace and prayers be upon his final messenger and his family and noble companions.

Ya-Allah (Oh Allah), Ya-Ar-Rahman (the most compassionate), Ya-Ar-Raheem (the most merciful), Ya Al-Azeez (the most exalted), Ya  Al-Qaadir (the one who can do all things), please help brother Amir in this difficult time. Please bless him and forgive him. Please give him comfort through the stress and tribulations he is being exposed to. Please reward him for all the good he has done. Please release him from Belgium and make him free and be able to escape this country and its authorities. Ya Allah please help our brother Amir. Ya Allah please raise awareness about him and the gross injustice that has been perpetrated against him.

Oh Allah you are the one without who there is no success, Oh Allah you are the seer of all things, Oh Allah you are the most high and the most glorious, peace and prayers be upon your noble messenger and all praise be to you.


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