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Snow in London.

I don’t usually tend to write much about myself, partly because I believe it is somewhat selfish. Allah has given us time and different abilities so that we may use them productively. After we leave this life, we will be questioned as to our stewardship of the life that he gave us. All of what we have, our bodies, intelligence, free time, abilities, wealth and so forth are not from ourselves but from Allah. Look at your hand, examine the anatomy of the hand, the texture of the skin, how many molecules or atoms constitute this hand. Did you make it?

The answer is no. It was given to us by our creator and it is on loan – as if to speak – and then later we will be questioned as to what we did with it.

Having said that however, yesterday something very nice happened. There was snow in London.

Now in other parts of the world this is a common phenomenon, however in London when I was younger it used to happen every winter but not anymore. Yesterday as I was leaving a tube station in London, I could see there was snow and the streets were white. I immediately took a picture.

Snow in London, 20 December 2009.

I would have taken more pictures with my mobile, but when I tried to the snow hit my phone so I put it in my pocket. However as I walked the street’s back to my mother’s house, I really felt something special. Even for those people who don’t believe in religion, there is at times a tremendous awe of nature when facing the full beauty, majesty and greatness of nature. It can be a truly moving, or maybe even a spiritual experience.

The streets were white. However the whiteness instead of representing hardship and cold was a special type of white. It represented cleanness and beauty. The whole scenery looked like some of the pictures that we see of a white winter in London. In other words it looked picturesque. I also made dhikr (remembrance) of Allah as I walked through the snow. I knew it was He that caused it and I thanked Him for it and for witnessing this beauty of nature.

We know that in Islam, when it rains it is a time of blessing and your du’a (prayers, supplication) has greater power.






– Faatih.


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