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My father has passed away.

In the name of Allah the most beneficient, the most merciful.

All praise be to Allah the creator and lord of the universe. Peace be upon his final messenger, the best of creation Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

My father passed away on Tuesday 2nd June 2009 from a stroke which happened whilst he was carrying out wudhu in our bathroom.

I ask Allah ta’ala to give him jannatul-firdaws ul a’laa and to forgive him for all of his sins.

When we went to wash his body before the janaza (funeral) prayer we saw that his face was radiant and glowing, he seemed to be in a state of happiness and joy. He worked hard hard all of his entire life doing many different demanding jobs as well as taking care of his large family. I hope he forgives us for anything that we did that upset him and I am sure he has, insha’Allah, though only Allah is the all knowing.

I would like to thank Allah for bestowing him and us with many blessings including give him long life, 68 years, having the honour of having gone to the holiest two places on earth when he performed Hajj, for us his children. I thank Allah, the most generous, for taking my father in this world whilst he was in a state of worship to Allah i.e. performing his abolutions to be clean for prayer. I thank Allah for letting us his children see his peaceful, glowing and happy face before he was buried.

May we, his children, make him and our mother proud.

All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon his final messenger, Muhammad, and his family and companions.


June 2009
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